Parcel Locker

Parcel Locker

Parcel Locker

To help you lowering last mile costs and offer a value added service for your customers, FBA has become the official European supplier of TZ parcel lockers. TZ is an Australian company based in Sydney that has created the Package Asset Delivery (PAD) systems. This technology offers a safe and effective drop off and pick up for almost any kind of packaged item.

The last mile delivery has always been a problem for the logistics field but, since the e-commerce started growing in the last few years, it keeps increasing. If once habits and the cost of delivery made online shopping worthy just for big sized and expensive goods, now value and size of objects bought online has dropped. Nevertheless the last mile keeps burdening the total cost of expedition for about 28%.

But also consumer habits have changed and it gets more and more complicated for couriers to find them at home to deliver parcels.

The PAD consist of a bank of lockers divided in columns, with one of them dedicated to the housing of system hardware and power supply. The bank has small, medium and big lockers and it can be customized accordingly to your needs. Thanks to the finishes available, the PAD system can be adapted to each environment in which they are installed, be it indoor or outdoor.

The parcel locker runs a software that is designed for 3 kinds of users: administrators, parcel service agents and clients. The software features a wide range of function:

  • Allows only designated people to place packages within the bank of lockers.
  • Manages the lockers.
  • Notifies intended recipients of package deliveries via SMS text message or email, and gives a them a unique access code for retrieving packages.
  • Allows the recipient to pick up the package in a secure manner through use of the access code.
  • Displays notifications for incorrect SMS messages and undeliverable e-mails. • Notifies the intended recipient on a regular, definable basis if packages are not picked up in a timely manner.
  • Sends the intended recipient a notification that the locker will be cleaned out after a predetermined amount of lapsed time.
  • Keeps an audit trail pertaining to the packages, lockers assessed, System overrides and general traffic through the System.
  • TZ PAD Systems software can be automatically updated via Internet download from the TZ website.

TZ offers three kind of PAD system, each one solving the problem of a specific target:

  • The system thought to help big companies, which everyday receive hundreds of parcels and have increasing difficulties in delivering them to the employees that, now more than ever, spend a lot of time outside the company facilities.
  • A business to consumer solution thought for online retailers and other marketers who need to deliver merchandise to people that are frequently away from home during the typical service delivery hours.
  • The residential PAD, designed for multi unit residential buildings that reduces the costs associated to managing and distributing parcels to residents.