Logistics solutions

Logistics are becoming everyday more important for all market segments.

To be competitive all products must be quickly delivered to the stores, in perfect conditions at every hour. Every mistake generates a loss of time and money, whether it is due to a damage to the transported object which will require a replacement or to a delay of the delivery to the store which the put at stake the sell. Moreover, the increasingly frequent delivers of small orders, mixed with all the other requests from the market, are lowering the margins. That is why it is mandatory to reduce the cost per delivery and improve plant performances.

On-line stores and e-commerce are no exceptions, in fact they are experimenting a major growth in their sales, whatever their market segment. Fulfilling the order within 24 hours or less makes the sorting process critical.

FBA offers solutions for parcel and pallet handling, sorting, labelling, weighing-measuring, loading and unloading. From production to delivery.

These solutions are not our only offer, FBA can also help you in designing a whole layout and customize the components.