Express Couriers

Express Couriers

Express couriers solutions


FBA’s conveyance and sorting solutions can handle all kinds of goods. Ranging from mini parcels weighing 250 grams up to 50 Kg, large measures boxes, FBA’ solutions move bags, cases, flyers and parcels. Our layouts mix belt and roller conveyors, sorting systems, weight – volume systems, labeling and loading/unloading solutions.

FBA works with express couriers since its foundation in 1987. Our competences do not just stem from the solutions we developed: product customization and system design are the cutting edge of our work, made perfect through more than 20 years of work side by side with the most important brands in the field of air cargo and express couriers.

If in conveyor systems the speed is important, as much as important are system reliability and package safety. FBA studies each case to determine the best solution.

Our competence in the express delivery market are not limited to handling machines, we also project and build user-friendly plants for courier facilities.