Pallet solution


Pallet handling solutions are an essential element in logistics systems; all handling operations must be well planned, connecting materials incoming, production and assembly, packing and shipping. FBA’s pallet solutions are built to handle objects up to 1.500 kg, both in plan and vertically. Our offer comprehends both roller and chain conveyors, as well as pallet elevators. Whatever your need, to increase productivity or simply to transport pallets, we will analyze your needs and design a plant layout complying with the requested performance.

FBA solutions on end of line systems have proved themselves useful and sturdy in every market segment we’ve worked for, from apparel to medical supplies, from food to electronics. In over 20 years of experience, the mechanical engineering of our solutions have been optimized to face the most demanding working conditions. We do not simply design the systems, our expertise allows us to engineer a whole layout for the pallets.