For Parcels

For Parcels

Parcel weighing dimensioning


Packmaster technology is a weighing-dimensioning and barcode reading solution available both static and in motion. This solution allows to handle parcels of different weigh and shape, even odd shapes.

Our static weighing and dimensioning solutions imply manual barcode reading and have been thought for small distribution centers and post offices. The static solutions are easy to install and to use.

FBA’s technologies for in motion weighing and dimensioning are perfect for high and medium performance sites. Packmaster can scan from 300 up to 3600 parcels per hour, according to your company needs. Data recorded with Packmaster are legal for business and can be sent directly to your database.

The weighing and dimensioning process is essential not just to verify the costs of the sending but also in the sorting process.

Finally, Packmaster is easy-to-use and can be integrated with already existing technologies in a short time.